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ASAP Saint Louis, MO, United States
Jan 10, 2018
Corp to Corp
We are looking for a skilled Database Engineer to work in the next generation Integrated Cloud Platform team. The individual will be tasked with capacity planning, installation, configuration, design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery, across a range of DB platforms including but not limited to mariaDB and postgreSQL. - Experience in Linux/Unix environment. - Experience using Kubernetes. - Experience with Version Control Systems - git, svn or similar tool. - Experience in setting up Cluster replication and different configuration parameters available in but not limited to postgreSQL, MariaDB. - Experience in Database Performance Benchmarking. Example: Ability to determine how many TPS can be guaranteed on mariaDB + ceph. - Knowledge of Database Metrics Collection, Monitoring - Prometheus or similar tools. - Expertise preparing report specifications and database designs to support reporting requirement.   Local Candidates OR Candidates willing to travel ~ 50% of the time. We are looking for someone that has the experience mix of a System Administrator and a Database Engineer. The databases we are looking for are MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. People with ONLY Oracle experience do NOT fit into the role because they are usually using Oracle specific tooling to do their job which will not be used here. When interviewing people they had Database experience mostly dealing with tables, applications performance (top down view), and we want someone that is looking from the bottom up. This person will have more experience with working with configurations of the databases and knowing what to do if they are seeing problems, is it a network issue, is it due to one of the configurations that were set, etc.   Primary Skill: Linux
ASAP Chicago, Illinois, United States
Jan 04, 2018
Corp to Corp
Rate:$40/hr. on c2c Visa Copy Mandatory during submission COBOL Programming Language - Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements. Need your Skill Matrix: IT Experience: US Experience: Mainframe: COBOL Programming Language