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Araucaria Enterprises LLC Harrisburg, PA, United States
Jul 07, 2017
The selected candidate will serve as an architect for the PennDOT’s Mobile Computing team.   Complete Description:   ***This requisition should feature a phone screen with the manager and if that goes well, then an onsite in-person interview will follow. If not, then it's just an onsite in-person interview.*** ***Client would prefer candidates local to the Harrisburg, PA Area.***   The selected candidate will serve as an architect for iOS Mobile Computing solutions for PennDOT. The selected candidate will architect end-to-end solutions for iOS-based mobile products to be utilized by PennDOT and its third party contractors. The projects will involve iOS native and hybrid development, security considerations, data model design for targeted databases, and web service-oriented client/server backend architectures. The selected candidate is expected to understand the business and technical requirements, and in turn design and implement solutions that are easy to maintain and incorporate reusable components. The selected candidate is expected to be proficient in problem identification and resolution, especially in production environments, for both the device and server side implementations. The selected candidate should be most versant with Apple technologies and their associated idiosyncrasies, but must also have working knowledge of the server side code and technologies. The selected candidate must be disciplined, organized, and accountable with tasks and delegations, communicate clearly, exhibit leadership skills, and effectively manage product owner expectations.   Specific Duties : 1) Serve as an architect of n-tier applications using iOS as access technology for enterprise backend systems. 2) Work with product owners, BAs and PMs in defining and managing the business and technical requirements. 3) Lead the full SDLC process of iOS application solutions, including but not limited to Objective C, Swift, HTML5, JSON, XML and consuming RESTful web services. 4) Lead the full SDLC process of web service oriented backend solutions, including but not limited to Java, Spring frameworks, MyBatis, consuming SOAP web services, producing RESTful web services, and SOA middleware. 5) Lead the design of database objects in relational databases, including but not limited to DB2, SQL Server, and/or Oracle. 6) Comprehensive understanding and experience of Apple’s technologies and requirements, including but not limited to distribution certificates, provisioning profiles, code signing, keychains, push notifications, app transport requirements, and iOS version histories. 7) Expert level knowledge is required of using iOS frameworks related to UI, Core Data, storyboards, web services, security/keychain, camera integration, asynchronous/background processing, multitasking, etc. 8) Expert knowledge of common design patterns (like MVC, delegation, target-action) and Cocoa layers related to Touch, Media, OS and Services and Objective/C and iOS principles of memory management, notifications, blocks, categories, etc. 9) Triage bugs and resolve production issues in a timely and effective manner. 10) Perform code reviews as needed. 11) Provide technical assistance and mentoring of PennDOT staff assigned to the project. 12) Follow Agile Scrum methodology, and conduct daily standups, sprint grooming and planning meetings.
Araucaria Enterprises LLC San Jose, CA, United States
Jul 04, 2017
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Experience in Java stack – spring, Hibernate, Apache libraries and common open source frameworks Automated test frameworks such as JUnit and any JavaScript test frameworks such as Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor. Should have experience in building "Web Services" (both SOAP & REST based) and deployed onto either WebSphere or WebLogic clusters Should have DevOps knowledge, mainly automated deployments and server image creation. Should be strong in Core Java, Data Structures,OOPS.Algorithm